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USA Hemp’s Mellow Blend carefully combines the soothing effects of CBD with the subtle euphoria of Delta 8, providing a balanced way to relax, reduce stress, and ease pain. Together, these cannabinoids create a gentle effect that is both balanced and not overwhelming. 

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Experience a mellow way to relax, reduce stress, and ease aches and pains with USA Hemp's Mellow Blend. Formulated with a 50/50 ratio of full spectrum CBD and naturally extracted Delta 8 oil for relief in every drop.

  • Made from hemp grown organically on the USA Hemp family farm
  • Whole plant extracts in an easy-dose format
  • Third party lab tested to confirm legal limit of 0.3% THC (by dry weight)

Due to the presence of THC, users of this product may test positive for cannabinoids in a drug test. May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after use.

Kosher Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT oil)
Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Delta 8 THC Oil
  • 1500mg Per Bottle
  • CBD and THC Mix
  • Oral Use
  • USA Made

USA Hemp's THC and CBD Blend consists of half full-spectrum CBD oil and half Delta 8 THC oil in its most pure natural form.

How To Use

For best results, use one full dropper once or more daily. Depending on your preference, you can either add a few CBD oil drops to your food or take it directly under your tongue. However, for maximum absorption, we recommend putting a few CBD oil drops under your tongue. Consistent use over time is recommended for maximum benefits.

How to Use


Squeeze the dropper bulb to draw oil up to your desired dosage mark.


Place the dropper under your tongue and gently squeeze to release the oil. Hold it there for 30 seconds.


Wait 15 minutes. If needed, take another dose following the same steps.

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