Meet the Animals

On a breezy morning in 2015, we thought, why not take the leap of faith and do what we have been planning for years. All we knew was that we wanted to grow cannabis and wanted to get away from city life.

Before even starting this venture, we thought we would do something that would benefit us and the world around us. Upon brainstorming day and night, we finally came up with an idea to rescue animals. We finally found the thing that had been missing all along. We decided to set up a rescue farm for animals in need of a loving home.

Fast forward to today; now, we have several rescue animals here at our farm. They are more than just individual beings; they are a family to us and each other. From our two dairy bulls, Ben & Jerry, we have a 24-year-old horse named Cappy, Daisy and Willow, our two years old calves {Daisy is a Frésian/quarter and Willow is Andalusian/Fresian.}, Summer and George our chickens who we can’t get enough of. Last but not the least, we have eight rescue dogs who we love so dearly.


The Fearless and Oldest Horse on Our Farm

For us, Cappy represents friendship, freedom, adventure, and excitement. Cappy loves to chase flocks of geese or birds purely because he wants to see them fly off. Once, he tried to chase goose decoys, which resulted in one very confused horse and highly entertained humans. Cappy is our happy place. We go out to the farm, and he is there, always cheerful to see us.


One of Our Favorites and Are Simply Adorable

These guys are pretty and intelligent chickens from the USA hemp farm and our absolute sweethearts. Summer and George are fond of having mealworm treats; they find them wormlicious. Their favorite activity is to hop over and climb in our laps; take that as proof that good socialization works because all of our chickens have been like that as they have been raised to be joyous little creatures. What’s even better is they have blessed us with over 15 baby chicks. More, the merrier!


The Curious and Lovable Duo

Sitting in a field, they love to observe us while we work with them on the farm. It creates a bond in one of the most remarkable ways. They are the sweetest of the creatures, that is why we named them after the famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Petting them, rubbing and scratching them is something we love to do, and from their gestures, the feelings seem mutual. This gesture is extraordinary for us as it usually takes time for a cow to get comfortable in a new environment.

As curious as they are to new pasture elements, they will always keep a safe distance and be quick to retreat if we put too much pressure on them. The best part is the wet cow kisses, which always make our day.


Our Spunky Fur Balls

They are always up to something and love to watch us work in the fields, rain or sun. They grazing on the grass, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the fresh fruits from our orchard in the summer.

We hope that you loved our snuggly family. We are as proud of our animals as our products. Our mission is to provide them with a quality home and you with quality products.