What Exactly is Delta 8? Does delta 8 get you high?

What Exactly is Delta 8? Does delta 8 get you high?

What Exactly is Delta 8? Does delta 8 get you high?

Ever wished to experience euphoria and an extreme surge o
f joy? Yes, you got it right. We are talking about
delta 8 THC (delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol). According to the FDA, The cannabis plant contains up to 100 cannabinoids that affect our bodies and minds. As widespread recognition of cannabis rises, so does the need to know everything the plant can do. Currently, Delta 8 is accompanying THC and CBD as one of the world's most popular cannabinoids. Let's discuss what exactly it is, and.
Does delta 8 get you high?

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What exactly is delta 8 THC:

Delta-8 THC results from an intelligent discovery involving a compound found in hemp, which is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill and does not produce intoxication. A win-win!
Cannabis is a group of plants with three variants responsible for psychoactive effects; Sativa, Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Delta 8 THC is derived from the dried flowers of the cannabis plant.
As discussed earlier, the two main and well-known components of the cannabis plant are CBD and THC or delta 9 THC. CBD is a compound that has been gaining recognition worldwide because of its benefits and non-intoxicating effects. While Delta 9 THC is responsible for causing a high and makes you feel stoned. According to the law, cannabis plants with more than 0.3% THC concentration are known as marijuana; plants with less than that are known as hemp.

Delta 9 THC is a primary component found in large quantities in cannabis. But, over time, its degradation begins, producing a less potent type of delta9 known as delta 8 THC. Therefore, unlike delta 9 THC, it is present in minor quantities in cannabis. Now you must be wondering, does delta 8 get you high?

Does delta 8 get you high:

The short answer to this is yes, delta 8 does cause a high. However, these psychoactive effects are much milder than that of traditional THC.
According to a report by the USCC (US Cannabis Council), Delta-8 has "a lower affinity" to the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, so it is less potent for getting you high. However, the USCC report says it still may have up to 75% of the psychoactive potency of Delta-9.
While Delta 9 THC is associated with specific side effects like addiction, sleep issues, paranoia, anxiety, laziness, etc., however, Delta 8 THC is safe comparatively. It is a major turn-on for many users who want to avail therapeutic effects of delta 9 but don't enjoy the adverse reactions. And the most beneficial attribute of delta 8 THC is no chance of addiction hence protecting the user from substance abuse. 

How does delta 8 get you high?

The endocannabinoid system exists within humans and other mammals. ECS is responsible for managing various vital functions in your body like the immune system, respiratory systems, or other bodily systems.
According to researchers, the endocannabinoid system helps maintain homeostasis in your body.
The question is, how does delta-8 get you high as you are familiar with ECS now. Interestingly, cannabinoids seem identical to the endocannabinoids in your body on the molecular level. Both CBD and THC produce the outcomes by interacting with these ECS receptors either directly or indirectly.
Delta 9 THC causes a significant high because it binds with CB1 receptors directly with great intensity. CBD doesn't bind to the receptors but still interacts with them. In contrast, delta-8 THC attaches to the CB1 receptor but with less power than delta 9, which gives you a mild high that can keep you concentrated and in control while you vibe through the day.

What does delta 8 THC feel like:

The happy-go-lucky attitude of delta-8 THC produces an energizing effect on the consumers. Because you will feel more focused and relaxed, you can go on with the day more affirmatively, which will increase productivity.

Once Delta-8 is manufactured, you can take it in several ways, similar to CBD and delta 9, such as; a smokable hemp flower diffused with a Delta-8 extract, in sublingual tablets,
vape cartridges, and edibles such as tasty delta 8 gummies.  

Delta 8 effects on different types of users:

The ECS, or the endocannabinoid system, of your body, will allow you to experience the effects of Delta-8 in a specific manner.
The effects of delta 8 vary among the users while the other factors like your method of consumption, in what form you like to take your delta 8 also play a role in how your body reacts to it.
Delta 8's effects also vary significantly between seasoned and first-time cannabis consumers.

The typical experience of a first-time user:

If you are a routine user of different CBD products but never get into marijuana, the effects might be a bit more intense for you than those who have experienced the high caused by delta 9 THC.
Although delta 8 is quite similar to THC, its source is not marijuana(legally) but hemp. Therefore, at USA hemp, we make sure to grow and cultivate organic hemp, to produce Delta-8 products. Delta 8 does not make you lose your mind, but you may feel extreme euphoria as a first-time user. 

Effect on the routine users:

People who have experienced marijuana before will only feel a mellow high after ingesting delta 8. Some users suggest the effects are similar to marijuana but without mental cloudiness.

Delta-8 makes you concentrated and energized while at the same time keeping you refreshed. It is partially because of terpenes in the hemp strains from which we extract delta 8. 

How long does delta-8 THC get you high?

It mainly depends on the product you use, but other factors are also considered, such as your age, weight, and tolerance to cannabis. If you use our delta-8 THC tincture, you will feel rapid onset than the rest of the edibles.
Some users report feeling nothing at all until about 90 minutes.
You can apply our delta 8 tincture directly under the tongue, which means it has to skip first-pass hepatic metabolism as it happens with any sublingual product. You have to keep it under the tongue for about 90 seconds or may choose to swish around the gums for maximum effects. 

So, how long does delta-8 THC get you high? The answer is 15 to 90 minutes, depending on your method of consumption.  

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Is delta 8 THC legal :

Delta 8 has been declared legal at the federal level, as long as it's been derived from hemp and not marijuana, thanks to the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. According to the law, products extracted from hemp with less than 0.3% THC were excluded from controlled substances making it legal to use such products. Therefore, the delta 8 source is hemp, and it only contains negligible amounts of THC; it is federally legal. 

Delta-8 side effects

Like any cannabinoids, you may also experience some mild side effects from delta 8 consumption.


Delta 8 may cause dry mouth temporarily. Just keep yourself hydrated, and get this problem resolved in no time.

Another side effect of delta 8 is dry eyes, but it will not give you those typical red eyes like marijuana. Staying hydrated is the key to get relief from these effects altogether. 


Drowsiness mainly occurs at night or when you take delta 8 in higher doses. You may also feel fatigued. If it persists, consider lowering the dosage, but dose adjustment is unnecessary if you only experience milder effects. 

Does delta 8 get you high? Final Remarks

Want to experience delta 9 benefits, but its buzz is too much for your liking? Delta 8 is here for you. Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid that acts as a bridge between the subtle effects of CBD and the euphoric feels of THC. We hope we have answered most of your questions in this article to help you get a clear picture. USA hemp's delta-8 THC products offer a high that you will enjoy without feeling intoxicated or stoned, unlike delta 9. Our products have benefits that keep our customers returning, especially when they try them in so many forms. 

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