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Using CBD for the general well-being of your pet is the next level of care your fluffy ones need.

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Using CBD for the general well-being of your pet is the next level of care your fluffy ones need. The only soothing blend of CO2, our CBD oil for pets contains full-spectrum CBD and MCT that helps relieve body pain and calm anxious pets. Due to its stress-relieving effects, this product also helps with improving the sleep patterns of your pet.


  • 450mg Per Bottle
  • CBD And MCT Mix
  • 15mg CBD Per One Full Dropper
  • CBD And MCT Mix Content
  • Safe For Cats, Dogs, And Horses
  • USA Made 
USA Hemp CBD Oil for pets is original and unflavored, and it comes with no side effects so, you can use it for your pets without getting worried about it. For best results, mix it with their morning meal or water and witness the improved behavior of your pet.

How To Use

Squeeze pet CBD oil into the mouth or mix it with your pet’s meal or treats. Consistency is key when starting a new regimen for your pet; use it daily for 30 days for best results. Gradually, increase the amount of concentration as needed.


Most pets are sensitive and don’t like taking medicines orally. Keeping this in mind, we recommend using droppers for easy usage and digestion.
Excessive amounts of CBD oil for pets can cause THC toxicity. As hemp legally contains 0.3% THC, in this case, mild THC toxicity can occur if your dog or cat ingests excessive amounts of CBD. The quantity depends upon the weight of your pet and CBD concentration in the oil. It is, therefore, better to calculate the optimum dose before giving it to your pet. Refer to our dosing guide for more.
Yes, CBD oil for dogs possesses anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps relieve the pain of your pet.
CBD oil for pets will not make your dog or cat high since it contains THC in a very limited amount that is unlikely to induce psychoactive effects.
Just like humans, dogs and cats also have endocannabinoid systems in their bodies. By activating the ECS, CBD oil boosts the nervous system, immune system and digestive system of the pets. This is the reason why CBD helps with multiple areas of the body whether it is humans or pets.
USA Hemp’s CBD products are 100% natural and CBD oil for pets is a wellness product, so you don’t need a prescription from the vet.
When chemical compounds of CBD oil interact with the endocannabinoid system of your dog, it provides relief to your pet by activating those receptors that regulate pain and anxiety. Some of the uses of CBD oil for dogs include helping with reduced appetite, anxiety, nausea, pain, nervousness, aggression and excessive barking.
CBD owns anti-inflammatory properties so it can address pain and inflammation in cats and dogs and improve their mobility and overall health.

Additional information


Our CBD oil for pets contains Kosher Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil), and Full-spectrum CBD Oil.

6 reviews for PET CBD OIL

  1. michael sachwald

    I am giving my dog 6 to 8 drops in the morning and evening and although he has dementia, he is doing much better.

  2. Linda Pelano

    I have tried many 3 different brands of CBD tinctures for dogs before trying USA Hemps’ brand. I have had to toss out many bowls of dog food because my dog would not eat once treated with CBD…not USAHemp! My dog loves it! Never missed a meal yet with this formula. Enki, is going on 14 years! and he is like a new dog, he is happy, more active, and not in so much discomfort. I love it, it has given my little dog a new lease on life!

  3. Gregg Kitchen

    Hard to tell at this time

  4. Marcia R.

    Arrived super fast and great product.

  5. Lisa O.

    We have an older dog with knee problems. It helps. We notice a huge difference when he doesn’t have it.

  6. Lori R.

    My senior lab suffers from both arthritic pain and severe anxiety. Your oil has extended the quality of her life.

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