Experience Harmony with the Original Sour Tsunami CBD Strain

One of the original CBD strains, Sour Tsunami is a balanced hybrid known for
its calming effects. This pungent flower has a calming experience that eases
the muscles into relaxation without any mental cloudiness The Sour Tsunami
strain is abundantly used because of its high CBD content and non-intoxicating
properties.The users generally describe the effects of this CBD strain as uplifting
and relaxing.


Energize Your Day with the Sativa-Dominant AC/DC CBD Flower

AC/DC is a Sativa-dominant hybrid CBD flower, bred for its uplifting effects.
The crystal-covered flower buds are known for producing calming effects, all
with a clear head. AC/DC strain is also known as the CBD queen and it is a phenotype
of CBD Cannatonic strain. The effects produced by this strain are described as happy,
energetic and creative.


Calm Your Nerves Naturally with Cannatonic, the Powerful Relaxation Strain

With an earthy smell and hints of lavender, Cannatonic is an Indica heavy hybrid that provides that helps with and calm your nerves. This strain combines the best CBD to provide fast and flavorful relief. Cannatonic is a powerful relaxing strain and the good thing is non-psychoactive effects which means you can perform day-to-day activities after taking this strain.


Savor the Taste of Freedom with USA Hemp’s Special American Blend Flower

USA Hemp’s American Blend CBD flower is a specially-cured mixture of our favorite
select buds. We picked the best plants of all three strains and blended them together
in Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels, straight from the source. The result is an oaky,
smooth burning flower with hints of caramel. Enjoy the taste of freedom by USA
hemp’s American blend for all Americans past, present, and future. The high CBD
content contributes to effects like happiness, social, and extreme relaxation.