Working Out With CBD: Do You Need Hemp Protein?

Working Out With CBD: Do You Need Hemp Protein?

Do hemp products provide a noticeable boost to workout results?

You’ve seen tons of content extolling the value people with illness, both physical and mental, gain from CBD oil and hemp protein. However, there are lots of potential benefits of CBD products for everyday life, even if you’re a healthy individual. Athletes, both casual and professional, have found plenty of positives to using these products during their fitness regime. Read on to learn how you can use CBD oil instead of hemp protein for better workouts.

Get an Energy Boost

Pre-workout supplements and hemp protein are all the rage these days because they give you a boost to get through your exercise routine, but ‘traditional’ pre-workout doesn’t come without risks  like heart and kidney issues. Many athletes find that pre-workout supplements make them feel jittery or nauseous, as well – neither of which is conducive to a good workout.

Instead, try making a CBD-infused pre-workout smoothie that’s got plenty of carbs, protein, and CBD goodness to carry you through your exercise, no hemp protein powder needed. You can use any combination you desire of fruits, veggies, milk or milk alternatives, yogurt, juice, and other protein boosters like chia seeds plus the CBD oil of your choice. Blend until fully combined and enjoy! For a fruity kick, try our Strawberry Infused CBD Oil.

If a snack before exercise doesn’t work for you, a sublingual dose of CBD oil or CBD gummies are great alternatives to a CBD smoothie. The kick of energy is nice, but it’s important to remember that CBD’s workout benefits extend beyond that. Studies suggest taking CBD before a workout might be helpful.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

No pain, no gain, right? Any time you work out hard, you’re bound to experience pain. Your muscles get sore, your joints ache and get inflamed, and these symptoms are often even worse the next day.

There are several forms of CBD you can use to help with. The simplest way to mix CBD into your post-workout routine is our roll-on Pain Gel. Just toss it in your gym bag for a mess-free application of soothing CBD. You can even pack it away easily on a rough-and-tumble hike that’s likely to leave you sore and exhausted.

You can mix up a post-workout CBD protein shake to help you bounce back. When you recover quicker, you can get back to the gym quicker. Plus, less inflammation makes your workouts easier on your body.

Check with Your Doctor or Pharmacist First

As is the case when you start any new over the counter medication or supplement, you should speak with your doctor or pharmacist before trying CBD products for fitness or any other reason. While rare, medication interactions are possible, and you’ll want to ensure there are no other contraindications before you give CBD a try.

Use a Top-Quality CBD Product

Not all CBD products are created equal. Opt for products made by a company that takes quality standards seriously. Seek out companies who use third-party labs to test their products and employ transparency measures so you always know exactly what’s in your CBD products. USA Hemp is dedicated to providing quality products and peace of mind to our customers.

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Written by
Ana Redwood