How long does CBD stay in your system

How long does CBD stay in your system

CBD Conversations: How long does CBD stay in your system

No matter whether you are a regular CBD enthusiast or someone who wants to integrate CBD into your routine because of its overwhelming popularity, the question that must arise in your mind is “how long does CBD stay in your system”? Some people fear it will show up on a drug test, while others want to know how long the CBD effects last?

First things first: What is CBD?

The natural component known as CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is obtained from the hemp plant. According to various studies, CBD is a compound that does not have psychoactive properties meaning it does not get you high.
If you’re familiar with CBD, you must know various CBD product ranges to try from. At USA hemp, we have CBD oils, pre-measured syringes, delicious gummies, and CBD topicals for providing soothing effects to the skin. Interestingly, all these products are processed differently by your body.

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CBD is famous among the populations that regard self-care as an imperative practice because CBD is a proven health and wellness remedy. So, before we talk about how long CBD stays in your system? Let’s consider some other factors and mode of action of this particular plant component. 

How does CBD work?

It took years of research that concluded that phyto cannabinoids are essential aids in promoting physical and mental well-being. It is achieved when CBD enhances the endocannabinoid system.
ECS was discovered in 1990 and is considered one of the most essential and comprehensive receptor systems for sustaining your well-being and has been recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of the brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. Recent science has found that the ECS responds to endogenous cannabinoids produced in the body and responds to external Phytocannabinoids or CBD to enhance the body’s role.
The endocannabinoid system consists of CB1 and CB2 receptors. In the brain, you will find CB1 receptors in great numbers. In contrast, CB2 receptors exist commonly in the spleen, tonsils, thymus, and immune cells. 

How long does CBD stay in your system?

The precise answer to this question is “it depends...”

After taking CBD by mouth, it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for CBD to initiate its effect. How much time CBD takes to leave your system can depend on multiple factors, which include:

Dosage: The more CBD you take, the longer it lingers in your system.

Frequency: How often you take CBD also determines how long does CBD stay in your system? Because when you take CBD time and again, it starts building tolerance which might affect the staying time in your body.
You can take CBD through various methods, like vaping, transdermal solutions, edibles, etc. all these methods impact the time CBD lingers in your system.

Metabolism: If you have a speedy metabolism, it will help flush CBD from your system earlier than those with a slower metabolism.

Food: what food and quantity did you eat before you ingest CBD is also an important factor determining how long CBD stays in your system? 

How long is CBD detectable in urine?

Although we do not have enough research on how long CBD is detectable in urine, in 2016, a study was published where participants were provided with different CBD-rich products, including CBD oils, flowers, and capsules.

After two hours of administration, all of the participants were tested positive for CBD. Researchers followed one participant and concluded that CBD traces were not detectable in urine after 24 hours. 

How long does CBD stay in your hair:

Hair tests for drug detection are rarely requested, but they can provide accurate results over an extended period. In the case of CBD, hair tests can detect traces of CBD up to three months after the last administration.

How long does CBD stay in your blood?

While blood tests are not as common as urine tests to detect drugs, they are frequently requested. THC does not remain in the blood for more than 5 hours, but in some cases, traces of THC can still be detected for up to 7 days. If you use CBD products containing unknown amounts of THC, it will only yield a valid result if the blood sample is withdrawn within a short period after administration. 

How long do CBD effects last?

CBD is a fat-soluble ingredient, which means it stores in the fat cells of your body for up to 30 days. However, everyone may react differently to CBD depending on certain factors, as we have discussed earlier. 

The two important factors that determine how long CBD effects last are your method of CBD consumption and in what form you like to take your CBD.

CBD oils:

When you take CBD oil sublingually (underneath your tongue), it may take around 20 to 30 minutes for a CBD oil to work. For instant results, you may take CBD oil on an empty stomach. The effects may last approximately between 4-8 hours, depending on your daily dose of CBD oil.
Through the sublingual method, it can take up to a week for CBD to eliminate from your body. But when you swallow CBD oil, it may be stored in the fat cells of your body. Usually, CBD oil takes 1-2 weeks to metabolize and leaves your system altogether when ingested. 

CBD edibles:

CBD edibles include delicious CBD gummies and capsules. Unlike the sublingual method, these CBD products don’t reach the bloodstream directly and have to go through first-pass hepatic metabolism therefore you may expect to feel the effects between 1-2 hours. 

If you want to include these edibles into your bedtime ritual, we recommend you take them a few hours before bed. The effects linger for approximately 4 hours. 

CBD Vapes or Smoke:

Smoking or vaping CBD is considered to be the quickest method to feel the effects because inhalation ensures rapid absorption and lungs efficiency to transfer the CBD into the bloodstream in no time effectively. When you smoke a CBD strain or take your dose from a CBD vape, the effects remain the same. 

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

Usually, drug screening tests take place to detect THC or its metabolites in your system. Also, most employers abide by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) guidelines, including THC detection confusion but not CBD.
Therefore it is highly unlikely that CBD shows up on a drug test considering that you are using pure CBD products. But sometimes, your CBD oil may contain traces of THC, which can theoretically lead you to fail a drug test.

Remember that hemp-derived product that contains less than 0.3% THC is considered legal federally. However, this may confuse cannabis consumers who don’t desire to put them at risk of a false-positive result on their drug test. 

The good news is there are extremely slim chances to fail a drug test when you use hemp-extracted CBD. Because to be detected in a test, you need to take it in considerably high amounts. 

If you want to prevent yourself from failing a drug test, you should take certain measures:

  • Go for CBD products that do not contain THC, not even traces. The two types of CBD products without THC are broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates.

CBD isolate is pure CBD without THC and any other cannabinoids. It is the most purified form of CBD you will ever use. Most people who have to go through regular drug testing use this form, which is why it is highly popular among athletes. 

You can get CBD isolates as CBD oils or other CBD products. At the same time, the broad-spectrum form contains all the cannabinoids but no THC; it enhances CBD products’ effects without making you feel intoxicated. 

Remember, the other cannabinoids won’t show up on the drug test.

  • Do your complete research and make sure the products you buy are from legitimate brands. At USA hemp, all our products have lab-tested third-party certifications that ensure the authenticity of our brand.
  •  Ensure that CBD oil is a CBD isolate derived from organic hemp and is not a sub-quality tincture.

Does CBD show up on a drug test? Read our full blog. 

How long does CBD stay in your system? Final Thoughts

CBD or cannabidiol is among the advantageous components, and according to the world health organization, it has been declared safe and well-tolerated. However, no matter how pure your CBD oil is (unless you are using a CBD isolate), it may still contain traces of THC that may put you at the risk of failing a drug test. 

Therefore if your drug test is scheduled, check the labels and certificate of analysis of products you have been using. Go for zero THC content to save yourself from the false-positive result in a drug test. How long does CBD stay in your system depends on the frequency of use, mode of administration, and quantity of CBD products you are using. According to the studies, CBD can remain in your body from 1-2 days to a maximum of 30 days.

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