CBD OIL VS THC OIL: How does CBD Make You Feel?

CBD OIL VS THC OIL: How does CBD Make You Feel?

Effects of phytocannabinoid hemp oil; is it really beneficial?

CBD and THC: if you still don’t understand the differences between the cannabinoids responsible for the therapeutic effects of phytocannabinoid hemp oil (CBD), don’t worry. How does CBD make you feel? It may seem a little confusing, but it is very simple and we will explain!

For starters, cannabinoids are the part of the plant that resembles substances our bodies naturally produce: endocannabinoids (ECB). For this reason, they interact with the same receptors as natural cannabinoids and might act as a natural remedy for certain conditions.

The cannabinoids CBD and THC are among the main ones found in cannabis flowers. Depending on each type and variety of cannabis plant, the end product may contain more or less THC or CBD. This variation depends on the genotype and the form of cultivation; and it is what determines the medical use of the plant.

CBD oil vs THC oil: how does CBD make you feel 
When thinking about marijuana consumption, it is natural to also think about the psychoactive effect that it can cause. That is, in a simple way, the “high” generated by consumption. This only happens when consuming plants with a higher concentration of THC, which are the plants most typically referred to as marijuana. Hemp does not get you high, as it contains mostly CBD. There is a distinct difference between marijuana and hemp plants and that is why the government regulates them separately. 

When cannabinoids enter the bloodstream, they bind with receptors in the endocrine system. THC binds mainly to CB1 receptors in our body, which control pain, mood, appetite and other functions. CBD binds with CB2 receptors linked to the immune system, which affects inflammation and pain and helps regulate healthy cells.

THC generates the most recreational and neurotoxic effects normally associated with marijuana use. The consumption of drugs with a higher concentration of CBD does not generate this type of effect, and only the therapeutic potential remains. The result is action on pain without the feeling of intoxication.

At USA HEMP, CBD grows in its purest form
It is important to note that the plant grown by USA HEMP has CBD as the dominant cannabinoid. Our products have THC present in a maximum of 0.3% of its chemical composition. This is legal under the United States federal law. 

We created a system 100% focused on the quality of our products, from seed to shelf. The hemp grown by USA HEMP grows naturally without pesticides or toxic chemicals, and this makes a total difference in the potential effects on the body. Our full-spectrum hemp oil has high CBD content, high terpene content, and just enough THC to encourage the entourage effect. 

It is very important that when consuming CBD products, you consider the purity of the plant and the form of cultivation. It is only in this way that will you gain access to the potential benefits of hemp in its purest totality. 

CBD consumption in the form of capsules, balms, and creams
In order to consume CBD and obtain its potential benefits, there is no need for smoke if you don’t want it. Our full-spectrum hemp products also come in the form of CBD capsules, oils, balms, and lotions.

A little more of the USA HEMP mission in growing phytocannabinoid hemp oil
As you can see, there are many potential therapeutic effects to using phytocannabinoid hemp oil. To achieve them correctly, careful cultivation is also necessary. It is this work that ensures that the CBD is present in greater concentrations in the plant.

At USA HEMP we want to emphasize that our CBD comes in its purest form; which is raw, organic, and from a local source. It is the whole flower extracted in its full spectrum, with good taste and unquestionable effectiveness.

We believe that many of the problems we face are related to an increasingly toxic world, full of pesticides, processed foods, polluted air, and dirty water. That’s why we seek to carry out our cultivation in a totally different way, and this is how we harvest our results – with maximum effect to help those in need.

USA HEMP’s mission is simple: to help achieve health, happiness, and balance, providing a healthy alternative for those who need help seeking comfort from illness and disorders. Talk to your doctor to see if CBD is appropriate to incorporate into your wellness regimen. 

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Written by
Ana Redwood