Benefits and Risks of Smokable Hemp

Benefits and Risks of Smokable Hemp

What are the benefits and potential risks of smoking CBD hemp flower?

There is so much information about hemp available on the internet these days. Everywhere you turn, there’s another article telling you 5 reasons why CBD is good for this or that. Some are informative, and others are pure marketing with little to no real information. When you can get CBD oil Walmart sells, it can be hard to know what is a good piece of information. Especially if you are new to hemp, it is normal to be concerned about the risks and benefits of smokable hemp. There are numerous benefits to smoking hemp flower, but countless other forms of hemp, such as turmeric CBD oil blends , exist on the market.

Benefits of Smokable Hemp

It’s Cool

CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Since 2018, hemp product market availability exploded. CBD is legal on a federal level, but is not legal in all states. Check your local laws and restrictions before purchasing CBD and incorporating it into your wellness regimen. CBD is legal for all ages to use, and can be administered to young ages in proper dosages. CBD is a great alternative to marijuana, especially in areas where medical or recreational marijuana is illegal. 

It’s Fast-Acting

CBD works its magic the fastest when smoked. When inhaled, cannabinoid molecules enter the bloodstream directly through soft tissues in the mouth, esophagus, and lungs. The combination of the heat from combustion and vaporized inhalation activates the cannabinoid molecules. These molecules then naturally combine with the endocrine system in our bodies. Smokable hemp works instantly to ten minutes after consumption. However, it also wears off quicker than ingested hemp. 

It’s Cheap

Smokable Flower is often one of the cheapest forms to obtain CBD. The more concentrated a product is and the more processed it is, the more it will cost. Smokable hemp flower will not have as much CBD per serving as oil or tincture, but is much cheaper. It is often the most cost effective and versatile way to obtain CBD. 

It Won’t Get You High

Smokable hemp contains no nicotine, and minimal amounts of THC. The amount of THC contained in CBD buds is not enough to cause a psychoactive reaction. Therefore, smokable hemp is a popular alternative for those trying to quit smoking cigarettes or taking a THC-tolerance break. 

Risks of Smokable Hemp

Risk of Lung Damage 

As always, there is a risk when you play with fire. Consuming smokable hemp requires heat and combustion. This requires a flame or heat source to ignite or vaporize. Not only do you run the risk of working with fire, but you are also working with a heated substance. Directly consuming hot smoke and vapor can cause damage. Over time, smokable hemp may have the potential to damage teeth, the tissue in your mouth and esophagus, and even your lungs. 

Risk Inhaling Toxins

All combusted substances produce toxins. Lighting and inhaling smokable hemp does run the risk of introducing toxins into your body. When inhaled, these toxins could cause damage to your cells and central nervous system.

Risk CBD Oil Walmart Sells

While big box stores like Walmart don’t typically sell smokable hemp flower just yet, they will be soon. There are already hemp and CBD products available at large stores, and many large factory brands recently popped up. Buying from a small, reputable company like USA Hemp ensures your smokable hemp is high-quality and additive-free. 

Stigma surrounding cannabis

As we mentioned before, although cannabis is federally legal, it isn’t legal in all states. This is due to lingering prejudice surrounding cannabis. Some legislators still do not recognize the potential medical and social benefits of hemp, and associate it with marijuana too closely. Therefore, consuming smokable hemp publicly does run the risk of attracting negative and misinformed prejudice. For those who want more discreet options at time, a turmeric CBD oil could be a good alternative.

Drug testing

Again, smokable hemp is federally legal. However, full spectrum hemp products may still show up on drug tests. Learn more about this in our guide to CBD and drug testing . 

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Ana Redwood