4 Things You Should Know About USA Hemp

4 Things You Should Know About USA Hemp

What Makes USA Hemp Stand Out From The Rest?

We take our craft cannabis seriously. It is our goal to provide our customers with the quality, transparency, and ethics all CBD companies should aspire to achieve. US Hemp Co has a mission to educate the public on the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil, how is CBD oil made, and how does CBD makes you feel. Every milligram of CBD product in our CBD oils, CBD pain gel, CBD bath bombs, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules is grown on our family farm in Oregon that also doubles as an animal rescue farm. We ensure that you only receive the best quality CBD pain relief, because we monitored the product ourselves, every step of the way. 

How Is USA Hemp CBD Oil Made, and What Do you need to know about our product? 

  • CBD Oil Organically Grown in Beautiful Oregon
  • Lab Certified CBD Oil Tested For Purity and Potency
  • Versatile CBD Oil Can Be Used In Countless Ways
  • CBD Oil Can’t Cure Everything

CBD Oil made the Oregon Way

How is CBD oil made? Arguably, craft hemp is grown best in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley, USA. Our 100% certified organic hemp plants dine on the sun, glacial-fed river water, and mother earth. Volcanic flows and glacier sentiment deposits gifted the Willamette Valley such nutrient-rich soil enabling bountiful harvests few areas in the United States and beyond are fortunate to farm.

Bonafide & Verified

USA Hemp is passion personified. Certified 100% organic hemp is achieved by adherence to our generational farming practices, thorough quality controls. and a commitment to excellence. It’s our goal the USA Hemp brand is the industry standard by which all others aspire to achieve. The proof is in the science of exhaustive purity and potency testing by independent third-party laboratories. You may download the most recent certificate of analysis (COA) of all our offerings. This perpetual endeavor is a burden we proudly accept.

It is good in many ways and for many things

Our CBD is available in oils, gels, hemp smokes, capsules, and gummies to name only a few. It’s our goal to offer CBD in as many forms and dosages as science allow.

Additionally, the latest research is finding that CBD has medicinal value for a wider range of treatments than anyone could have imagined. USA Hemp will remain at the forefront of the industry and deliver the latest research and products when available.

But it’s not good for everything

While contraindications are few, they do exist. CBD can reduce or increase the effects of prescribed medications such as blood thinners, sedatives, and anti-seizure medications. Consult with your doctor to ensure there aren’t interference issues with the medications you’re taking.

It is our privilege to produce top-shelf products that can assist with acute ailments. With the proper information and product, high-quality CBD oil can.

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Written by
Ana Redwood