12 Cannabis Experts Debunk Misconceptions About Hemp Extract Oil

12 Cannabis Experts Debunk Misconceptions About Hemp Extract Oil

Expert Knowledge on Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Before the advent of modern medicine, cannabis was used in many areas of the world to treat many different ailments. It has thousands of years of history! CBD is federally legal in the United States. However, THC , a major component of hemp and cannabis, is not. It is still labeled as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States. However, many entrepreneurs and educators work to destigmatize cannabis and move the industry forward. Full-spectrum hemp extract is one of the many tools used in this advocacy.

There are a lot of terms to throw around when it comes to cannabis . There is a difference between cannabis, hemp, CBD, and marijuana. These terms can be confusing. For many opponents to cannabis and hemp, miseducation or no education is often the problem. Many people simply do not understand all the potential benefits hemp has to offer. Science still has a lot to learn about CBD, hemp, and cannabis. The work of advocates is helping push this research forward and open legal avenues across the United States. 

That’s not to say that cannabis comes without valid risks and questions for health. Just as it provides many potential benefits, repercussions may exist as well. Some say cannabis use can lead to schizophrenia, psychosis, low birth weight, chronic bronchitis, ischemic CVA, and presents a COPD risk . It’s important to acknowledge the potential risks associated with CBD, to make sure the public is fully informed.

Cannabis has thousands of years of historical use . It is often regarded as a miracle plant that can heal a range of medical issues. Cannabis can cure chronic pain, chemo-induced N / V, and MS-related spasticity. It holds the properties of being anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, and is replete with neuroprotective effects. Apart from this, hemp and cannabis often ignite creativity, focus, and dedication to pursue great feats. Moreover, it may have the potential to inhibit tumor growth, reduce migraine frequencies, control epileptic seizures, may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s, and slow glaucoma symptoms. 

Here are some quick facts we know:

  • THC can induce mind-altering symptoms. Full-spectrum hemp extract does not have enough CBD to cause psychoactive effects.
  • CBN is due to the breakdown of THC. If it is present in too high of quantities, it means the cannabis is likely not fresh.
  • CBD has the power to heal and soothe without causing intoxicating effects. 

It is through the work of cannabis experts and advocates like the ones below, that we are able to bring the magic of hemp extract to people across the United States, and even the globe!

1.Master Bong

Master Bong is the owner of the “Master Bong” channel. The Master Bong channel is an inspiration for any individual who needs to appreciate recordings and video blogs identified with cannabis. Master Bong posts some great recordings specifying his encounters with various Cannabis and Cannabis items. Bong shows video blogs that record how he approaches his day by day schedule while consuming a joint of Cannabis. 

This will be an energizing channel for you on the off chance you need to find out about Marijuana’s various strains of Marijuana. You will have the option to discover the best sort for you. At the same time, you will be educated about the assortment of Cannabis items in the market. This will assist you in finding an item that obliges your requirements. Additionally, Ace Bong’s channel will exhibit to you a portion of the various methods of expanding Marijuana. You can give these strategies a shot and discover one that suits your way of life. 

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3 common misconceptions: 

1. People who smoke are lazy 

2. Cannabis doesn’t actually help people medically.

3. Cannabis can not be legally sold as a CBD product.

2. Matt Morgan 

A man who needs no wordy introduction is an entrepreneur, a great thinker, and an inspirational cannabis leader. Morgan combined his knowledge of farming — with a passion for being his boss — and made his move in the new gold rush: Cannabis. In just ten months, his first-ever cannabis endeavor grew from a single plant to a 15,000-square-foot operation, making it one of Montana’s largest.

Morgan moved on from Bloom to start Reef Dispensaries and Tryke Industries with a new investment team and aggressive growth strategy. Because of his experienced leadership as CEO, Reef grew to six retail locations, two manufacturing plants, two laboratories, and more than 400 employees. Morgan partnered with well-known moguls to co-found Ignite Cannabis Co. and Green Axis Capital Corporation. Today, Morgan is a consultant and CEO of OneQor.

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

1. Cannabis is dangerous to consume – Cannabis is actually one of the least dangerous substances on the planet. It is almost physically impossible to overdose on the plant or its derivatives. One could even claim that consuming Cannabis has many health benefits for the human body.

 2. Cannabis welcomes crime and violence – Cannabis actually does quite the opposite. People are normally very laid back, happy, and mellow when they use Cannabis. As far as violent crimes go they have either stayed stagnant or decreased when medically and recreational Cannabis are brought into states.

 3. Cannabis has no medical benefit – Cannabis has many hundreds if not thousands of medical benefits. We are only scratching the surface of the medicinal potential of this plant. Many scientists and health researchers are claiming it is the most medicinal plant on the planet!! We do know some of the health benefits of Cannabis but new findings through research are bringing new health facts to the surface on a regular basis. What a time to be alive!!

3. Curt Dalton 

The Cannabis & Marijuana Center Of The Universe is where you can find the best medical cannabis dispensaries & doctors in your area. They do a great job of helping audiences seek a cannabis job or enjoy the perfect strain guide. It doesn’t just end here; one can enjoy the perks by joining their social network and can check the calendar for weed events

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

-One, that Cannabis is bad for you in general, unlike alcohol, it is actually good for your cannabinoid system and autoimmune system. 

-Two, Cannabis has always been illegal, when in fact, it was completely legal and you could buy it in a drug store up until 1952.  

-Three, you get lazy and unmotivated using Cannabis, just the opposite, people are able to focus and feel better using Cannabis, hence making them more productive.

4. Michele Ross

Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist, health coach, and Vitamin Weed and CBD Oil for Health author. As an expert in plant medicine, she uses plants such as Cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms to help her patients recover from physical and emotional pain. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with Michele to guide you through your treatment. 

The doctor also offers business consulting services. She assists brands in the cannabis, wellness, and tech industries to grow, serving as a strategic partner or an advisory board member. Therefore, if you have a cannabis startup, she could help you build your business, navigate the market, and achieve your goals. 

Since, Marijuana works by interacting with receptors in your body, brain, and nervous system, Michele is a neuroscientist, so she has an expert understanding of how Cannabis affects bodily functions. As a health coach, she offers online coaching, videos, and eBooks on how to use Cannabis, CBD, mushrooms, and mindset for pain. Book a session on her website and let her help you manage your condition. 

Michele specializes in mental health, fibromyalgia, and women’s health. She is a fibromyalgia survivor, so she might offer you helpful advice if you are suffering from the condition. Contact her, share your experience, and get the assistance you need. She has successfully helped thousands of people across the globe.

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

1.Most people believe CBD is safe for everyone to take and pop CBD gummies like candy. In reality, CBD can interact with about 25% of all medications, and patients should talk with an experienced cannabis coach before using daily. 

2. Many people think vape pens aren’t safe to use because of the negative media around illegal vape pens that made people sick, but in reality, legal dispensaries sell lab-test cartridges free from contaminants.

3. While most people think all Cannabis gives you the munchies, it’s all about the cannabinoid and terpene content. Durban Poison, for example, is a strain with high amounts of THCV that can decrease your appetite.

5. Canadian Cannabis

Legal Canadian Cannabis is another amazing Youtube channel sharing honest reviews of Cannabis. To present you with an overall impression, the channel owner assesses each strain’s look, smell, taste, smoke, buzz, and burn. This page promotes the legal and responsible use of Cannabis only. If you want to know more about different strains and their effect, subscribe to this channel and watch it now. 

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk: 

1. High THC = better

2. Preferring dry flowers and smaller nugs because you don’t get any “water weight” or stems.

3. Cannabis is a gateway drug

6. Jeffrey C. Raber

Dr. Raber received his B.S. in biochemistry from Lebanon Valley College, PA and subsequently a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Southern California with an emphasis on developing new synthetic methodologies useful in pharmaceutical drug discovery and manufacturing efforts. Dr. Raber studied botanical phylogenetic relationships based on the RuBisCO enzyme’s evolution while in college and was named to the USA Today 1997 All-USA College Academic Team for his research accomplishments in this area. Dr. Raber entered Cannabis in 2010 and has published 5 peer-reviewed articles on cannabis topics. Dr. Raber has been invited to lecture about cannabis around the world holds multiple patents on cannabis-based technologies, particularly pertaining to terpenes, and is often sought out by the press to comment on topics as he is recognized as one of the industry’s scientific thought leaders.

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

Misconception 1: THCA isn’t active, you have to heat it to ‘activate ‘it. 

Cannabinoid acids, like THCA, are finally gaining some recognition as being physiologically beneficial. These molecules have recently been shown to be effective anti-inflammatories, digestive aids, and even useful for some seizure cases. While they are not psychoactive, they surely aren’t non-active and the misconception you need to decarboxylate them to form their neutral counterparts, like THC, is finally being recognized as being previously incorrect. 

Misconception 2: Same cultivar (‘strain’) names mean the same molecular compositions and ultimately the same effects.

There is no product name registry or authentication service. Flower and pre-roll products are often named the same, like Blue Dream, but two same-named products can have drastically different molecular compositions and therefore very different taste and effect experiences. This is very bad for unsuspecting patients who need to rely on consistency. Worse is calling extracts the same names as the flowers as their molecular compositions can significantly change due to various processing methods and ultimately end up being very different than the flower.

Misconception 3: More must be better.

Excessive consumption can lead to rather significant negative consequences, such as your body feeling poisoned and wanting to constantly vomit to get the excess cannabinoids out of the system, a condition known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Each individual has their own specific preferred dosage, and this is also specific for the mode of ingestion. As cannabis compositions are useful in helping to bring the body back into balance, some may be helpful but too much can push out of balance in the other direction. Start low and go slow in adjusting your dose if you are a new user.

7. David Bearman

Dr. David Bearman is a physician, expert, author and speaker.

He has spent 40 years in the field of substance and drug abuse and prevention programs. His expertise is in public health, administrative medicine, pain management and cannabinology. With an outstanding portfolio, Dr. Bearman is also the Co-Director of Haight-Ashbury Drug Treatment Program. He is also a member of Governor Reagan’s Inter Agency Task Force on Drug Abuse, Santa Barbara and San Diego County Drug Abuse Technical Advisory Committees and consultant to Hoggman-LaRoche, Santa Barbara County Schools and National PTA. aLSO, Dr.Bearman has authored “ Drugs Are NOT the Devil’s Tools: How Discrimination and Greed Created a Dysfunctional Drug Policy and How it Can Be Fixed in 2 Volumes.

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

(1) Cannabis causes brain damage. It is actually neuroprotective. Dr. Mechoulam developed a semi-synthetic dexanabinol. It clearly demonstrated a decrease in damage from TBI or stroke in experiments with mice.

(2) There is no well-controlled study that demonstrates decreased IQ from Cannabis. The best study is one by the University of Minnesota and UCLA showing a 4 point drop in IQ in both twins who did a form of use. Cannabis using and the cannabis free twin. 

3) Cannabis is dangerous to developing fetus Studies done by Melanie Dreher RN, Ph.D. and by Ciara Vargas-Torres Ph.D., Reproves this

(4) Cannabis is not medicine.

8. Alison Draisin 

Alison Draisin PsyD, LMHC is the founder and CEO of Ettalew’s Edibles (est. 2009). Prior to running a successful cannabis-infused company, Alison obtained a Master’s Degree in Art Psychotherapy and a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology. She has worked in the mental health field for twenty-seven years and maintains a private practice for children, adolescents, and families in the Seattle area. In September 2018, she joined the Advanced Integrative Medical Science (AIMS) Institute in Seattle to provide psychological services and research in the areas of Cannabis and psychedelic psychotherapy.

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Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

1. That Cannabis is a gateway drug. It is far from such and more research is demonstrating this misconception. In fact, one of its uses is as a harm reduction tool for those who are addicted to hard drugs such as heroin, meth, and even alcohol. I have several patients using it to replace heavy drinking.

2. There are no antidotes when you use too much Cannabis. In fact, there are several including citrus such as lemon or orange; black pepper; and pistachios/pine nuts.

3. Only losers use Cannabis. In fact, many highly successful educators, business people. politicians and doctors use Cannabis for a variety of reasons including stress management, health and wellness, and pain relief. 

9. Av Singh

 Av Singh is one of the leading authorities on regenerative organic cannabis production. After completing his post-doc at the University of Minnesota on pasture-based livestock production, Singh worked at the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and served as the Organic and Small-Scale Farming Specialist in Nova Scotia for over 15 years, and recently held the Just Us! Chair in Small Farm Sustainability.

Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

These are not common misconceptions but I want to go deeper than the “CBD is good, THC is bad” mentality.

1) “You’ve got to get high for THC to work as medicine” – Delta 9 THC is the most common cannabinoid that causes intoxication or the high, but if you are looking to get more than euphoria out of your Cannabis, small amounts of THC can help establish homeostasis, can increase hunger, can reduce inflammation, can suppress nausea, can reduce inflammation, and so on….you don’t have to get high for THC to have therapeutic benefits.

2) Fresh Cannabis has no medicinal benefits – Many of the cannabinoids like THC.CBG.CBD is often in its acidic form with having a carboxyl group. So, for example, THCA is the acidic form of THC and is non-intoxicating and through heat (like vaporization or combustion) the acid is removed and now you have THC which can get you high. But THCA has many medicinal benefits and the consumption of fresh flowers and leaves can provide significant benefits for auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal problems, pain, inflammation, etc.

3) CBD can turn into THC in the stomach – Have you heard that one from the reefer madness folks??? The idea that gastric enzymes can isomerize (change the configuration of the CBD molecule into that of Delta 9 THC in the stomach of humans is highly improbable. Sure, the use of chemicals, heat, enzymes can change CBD to other cannabinoids in a test tube or lab is commonly done but unlikely to happen with gastric juices in someone’s gut.

10. Dustin Robinson 

Dustin Robinson started Mr.Cannabis Law when he recognized the need for a law firm fit to take care of different legal and business issues and profoundly managed ventures of hemp and clinical Marijuana.

Mr. Cannabis Law’s emphasis on the hemp and clinical weed businesses permits the law to remain side by side to all current lawful advancements just to foresee forthcoming legitimate improvements for their customers.

Dustin Robinson firm makes sure to keep their customers aware of any new marijuana law changes to help them make reasonable amendments in their business to avoid any inconvenience.

Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

1. CBD-derived-from-hemp that is used in food is federally legal.

2. You can’t have both a medical marijuana card and a concealed weapons permit.

11. Erin Kenney 

Erin Kenney, MS, RD, LD, HCP, is a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Cannabis Practitioner. She is the Founder of Nutrition Rewired, a Boston-based company providing nutrition counseling, meal planning, and coaching to help individuals achieve optimal physical and mental health and wellbeing. She specializes in gut health, sports nutrition, and mental health, with personalized approaches to achieve and sustain optimal health.

Social media contacts:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/erinkenneyRD
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nutritionrewired/
Website:  https://www.nutritionrewired.com
Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

People group cannabis as a drug that users seek out for the psychoactive effect which comes from the cannabinoid THC. Although this is common, not all cannabis products produce that high feeling when selected appropriately. There are other cannabinoids in the plant such as CBD, CBG, THCA, etc. that have therapeutic properties that can benefit human health. All products are not created equal. There are many products on the market and it is highly unregulated. You want to make sure you are buying from a company, such as my own, that is third-party tested, organic, and grown in the US. People treat the dosage of Cannabis like medication. There is not enough research to say what dose will be best for each individual for specific ailments. Everyone has a different endocannabinoid system that will respond differently. One person might find benefit at a very low dosage, while others might need a much higher dosage to elicit benefits.

12. Jerome Roth 

Dr. Jerome Roth works at North Michigan University, in the Department of Chemistry. His role in the creation of the American Association of University Professor’s Chapter is commendable.

Three Hemp Extract Misconceptions to Disbunk:

-THC does not cause aggressive behavior as many drugs do.

-THC is not a gateway drug (drug dealers sell it because it’s illegal).

-THC is safe (compared to alcohol).

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