The Most Thoughtful CBD Gifts You Can Buy Someone

Gift everyone in your life health & happiness this year

The holidays are upon us! While we can’t be with many of our loved ones this year, we can still show them we care about their health and happiness. A thoughtful CBD gift shows your friends, family, and colleagues that you wish the very best for them. USA Hemp’s full-spectrum hemp oils come in a variety of forms, meaning there’s a product for everyone. We even have CBD oil for dogs and hemp oil for cats! 

The world of CBD and hemp is fresh and exciting. If you are new to CBD or will be gifting to someone who is, make sure to check out and share our CBD Product Guides and educational videos . CBD and hemp products from USA Hemp are federally legal and contain less than 0.3% THC. They are not psychoactive and will not get you high. Our CBD hemp products are always natural, gluten-free, and vegan.


1. CBD Sampler Pack 

This CBD bundle is by far the easiest way to gift yourself or someone special a complete CBD collection. This sample pack includes a number of different smokeless hemp products to test and try. The full-spectrum hemp oil products in this bundle are specially selected for energy, focus, and ease of travel. 

Bundle includes:

  • THC Free vegan Gummies
  • Roll-on Pain Gel
  • Revive bath bomb
  • Focus capsules


2. Spa Collection Bundle 

Do you know a hardworking mom, postal worker, or entrepreneur that could use a relaxing soak after a long day? The spa collection bundle from USA Hemp guarantees maximum relaxation and refreshment with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD oil per bath bomb. Hemp bath bombs for women are great for soothing aches and pains from joints and muscles. Our CBD bath bombs for kids are safe for all ages and contain less than 0.3% THC. Our hemp oil bath bombs come in three relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating scents!


3. CBD Pet Oil

Fur babies deserve holiday gifts, too! USA Hemp’s CBD Pet Oil is the perfect gift for anyone with a fuzzy companion in their life. Hemp oil for pets improves their quality of life and helps them stay healthy, happy, and with their human companions for as long as possible. Safe for cats, dogs, horses, cows, and most other mammals. Our convenient 450mg CBD oil bottles make perfect pet stocking stuffers, and ship quickly to anywhere in the US. 


4. CBD Sleep Capsules

Our full-spectrum CBD hemp oil capsules make it incredibly easy to try CBD out for the first time. They are also a great way to incorporate daily CBD oil into your wellness regimen. Our melatonin CBD pills help you fall asleep quickly. Gift someone you know the best night’s sleep of their life. Our hemp capsules also come in Focus and Inflammation blends. 


5. American Blend Whiskey-Aged CBD Flower

Do you know a whiskey aficionado, a cannabis connoisseur, or someone who enjoys unique and flavorful gifts? The American Blend Whiskey-Aged CBD Flower from USA Hemp combines the best of both worlds with high-quality cannabis CBD flower perfectly aged in Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels. The result is a smooth and oaky flavor, appealing even to non-drinkers. Gift it today in increments up to an entire pound, or try a single gram in our CBD Flower Sampler.


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