Eat Away Your Pain With Our Delicious Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Image of Hemp USA's gummiesHEMP USA is pleased as punch to introduce the world to our most delicious product yet –Tropical Blast CBD gummies. Made with oil meticulously extracted from proprietary strains grown on our farm, our gummies offer the same full spectrum CBD relief as all our products but taste so good you won’t believe they’re medicine. Until you feel their relaxing, pain-erasing effects, that is.

Healthy Candy

Don’t let folks tell you that candy can’t be good for you. We kept the ingredient list low, the sweeteners all natural, and included a generous amount of healing hemp oil, extracted without chemicals or harsh solvents, in each colorful square of Tropical Burst gummies. We worked hard to craft the healthiest and most effective gummy we could while making sure no sacrifice was made in terms of flavor.

To Eat or not To Eat

Why did we go to all this trouble?  It turns out that one of the best ways to reap the benefits of CBD is to ingest it. Unlike topical creams, with edibles the medicine goes directly into your bloodstream, delivering its calming, anti-inflammatory benefits to your entire body. You can either put oil directly under the tongue or consume it in the form of an edible. While the effects are felt more quickly with the straight oil since the oil in the edibles must be absorbed through the stomach, for the same reason the effects of edibles tend to last much longer.

Don’t Need The Bears

The real strength of edibles, however, is that, when made right, they taste good.  This is not something most folks would say about hemp oil. They can also be made to resemble treats people already know and love, and gummies definitely fall into that category.

Image of gummy bearsThough gummies can trace their proud lineage back to Turkish Delight and Japanese rice candy, true gummies emerged with the industrialized use of gelatin in 19th Century England. It wasn’t until German candy maker Hans Riegel sculpted gummi Dancing Bears in the early 1920s, however, that gummies starting their climb to the top of the candy world.

Everyone loves the bears. In fact, enough gummy bears are sold every year to encircle the earth four times, though a fact like this makes you wonder who would want to do such a thing. There is no doubt, however, that sales-wise they outperform the Jelly Babies loved by Dr. Who. Maybe this mean folks prefer bears to babies, or that they feel better about eating bears than eating babies.

As far as we know, no one minds eating squares, though. Especially when they provide top-shelf relaxation, mood elevation, and pain eradication delivered on a fruit-flavored tropical breeze. Try a bottle today. It’s like the Island Vacation you can’t afford.

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